Yeggs Summer Mapjam

The Jam Has Begun! Your themes are:







Wow! Those themes are so great! I can’t wait to get started!

(Choose two of the four)

Mapjam Ends In...








Overview: You will have 72 hours to make a map based on a theme. Bring some friends! There is no max team size. We will also provide servers for those who want one. :smile:

Voting: Once the jam is over, the maps will be voted on by a small panel of judges. We’ll release all the maps so anyone can see your amazing work, and put the multiplayer maps up on our public server for a few weeks! We’re also planning on hosting a minigame mash where we play through the maps the following weekend.

Theme: There will be four themes announced at the start of the jam. Your map should use two (or more) of these themes.

Duration: The mapjam will last for 72 hours, starting on Friday the 23rd and ending on Sunday the 25th . The exact times are listed below: Start: 12:00 AM EDT 23rd Friday (4 AM GMT) End: 11:59 PM EDT 25th Sunday (3:59 AM GMT 26th Monday)