our mapjams

What’s a mapjam?

A mapjam is a mapmaking competition that we host seasonly. Teams of mapmakers are given 3 days to make a minecraft map following a theme given at the start of the jam. The maps then become available to everyone. Players will then rate them!

FALL 2023

The themes for this mapjam are: Love & War


The comedic map Harry Poorter secures the win, filled with unexpected surprises!
Three themes: Unexpected, Fuse and Magic. Maps must include at least 2 of the 3 themes!


Team Scripted wins with “The Good Phantom”, a map about running around dream worlds collecting gold and ender eyes!


GeoSD wins with “Packet Delivery Service”! Taking the theme “automation” to the next level with this amazing puzzle map where you program robots to push all packets into the holes!


Supersette and Chopper2112 win with the horror map “Ashen”! No guys, I swear we didn’t rig this!! The theme was “The more you have the worse it is”