Honey Missile Wars

Patch 2.0.0

New Missiles

Hit and Run by Llew Vallis

Undertaker by Llew Vallis

Scorpion by Llew Vallis

Torpedo by Llew Vallis

Bulldozer by IndigoLaser

Trebuchet by IndigoLaser

Countdown by Waslo & Pingu

Missile Sets:

Switch Set

Trebuchet, Countdown, Undertaker, Bulldozer, Scorpion

Setless Missiles

Torpedo, Hit and Run

New Arena


Singleplayer Mode

You can now start the game with one player, meaning you’ll be able to test missiles on your own!

New Settings

+ Item Rate [Fast, Normal, Slow, Ultra Slow]

+ Respawn Timer

+ Unlimited Items [On/Off]

        > If turned off you can only hold one of each kind of missile/item

+ Pickaxe Item [On/Off]

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

– Leaving and rejoining during the same game will no longer kick you out

– Wall Missile Protection now works in the Thick Arena and was overall improved

– Prevented placing missiles and shields outside the play area

– Shields now reset properly

– TNT exploding lobby prevention is now in a function rather than command blocks

– Items are now cleared when players rejoin the lobby

– You can no longer go to the lobby while in-game

– Added the missing glass in the lightning (both variants)

– Honey Guardian now has a trigger mechanism

– The Honey Classic set now uses structure voids instead of air

– Added a Community Contributors credit sign

– Added coloured armour

– Updated “How to Play” book

– Missiles have glass and terracotta of the appropriate team colour

– Removed classic missiles from the All Missiles set

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